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Lukoil sale-warehouse

BMW 2000 Ltd is a company that offers its clients a liquid and gaseous fuels and lubricants.

Fuel oil is transported to the base of LUKOIL in Blagoevgrad with own transportation. In this way we ensure that the quality of the fuel will be reserved for you and your customers.

You will gain time and money to make sure our purchased fuels production will reduce the risk of deterioration during transport and you will find a level of service that meets our aims.

In the warehouse of the company is taken, stored and dispatched to a wide range of fuels:

• Gasoline A95H;
• Gasoline A98H;
• Diesel fuel;
• Diesel B3;
• Diesel heating;
• Gas;
• Boiler fuel;
• JET A1;
• Propane butane;
• Bitumen 50/70;
• Bitumen 70/100;
• Goudron.
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BMV-2000, Blagoevgrad, 1 Georgi Popov str., Phone: +359 73 88 43 27